StoryCorps Northwest: Surviving Electric Shock Therapy And Traumatic Brain Injury

Dobbie Callman and Jose Rejara photos taken over the computer.
Photo taken over computer of Davi Kallman (L) and Jose Riera (R)..


Jose Riera is a survivor of electric shock therapy. Before coming to Washington State University, he had the corporate office and all of life’s conveniences. But it all unraveled. He spoke with Davi Kallman, a fellow doctoral student, about being an advocate for those with traumatic brain injuries for StoryCorps Northwest, recorded virtually. 

This segment originally aired on NWPB’s Morning Edition on Sept. 23, 2020. It was recorded as part of NWPB’s 2020 partnership with StoryCorps. Learn more about the national StoryCorps initiative here.

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