StoryCorps Northwest: A Grandmother And Granddaughter Share Why They Protest

Grandmother with young adult granddaughter talk about protesting.
Susan Kilgore, left, with her granddaughter, Lilenne Shore Kilgore-Brown. They shared why they are active in protest both past and present for StoryCorps Northwest.


Lewiston resident Lilienne Shore Kilgore-Brown actively takes part in protests now. So did her grandmother Susan Kilgore in the 1970s. On StoryCorps Northwest, Susan tells Lilienne what she was protesting and what she learned from those experiences.

This segment originally aired on NWPB’s Morning Edition on Nov. 18, 2020. It was recorded as part of NWPB’s 2020 partnership with StoryCorps. Learn more about the national StoryCorps initiative here.

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