StoryCorps Northwest: ‘Hardest Thing To Be Is A Black Person’ Says Jewish Woman Who Hid In Attic

Step-daugher Robin with her step-mother, Evelyn Woods
Robin Woods interviews her step-mother, Evelyn, about hiding in an attic in Berlin, Germany during WW2. Robin asks her mother to compare that time to current COVID-19 isolation and restrictions.


When Spokane resident Evelyn Woods was a little girl in World War II Germany, she hid in an attic with her Jewish parents. In today’s StoryCorps Northwest, Evelyn’s step-daughter, Robin, asks her how that confinement compares to today’s COVID-19 restrictions. Evelyn, 82, discusses that and the Black Lives Matter movement in this segment of StoryCorps Northwest recorded virtually.

This segment originally aired on NWPB’s Morning Edition on Dec. 23, 2020. It was recorded as part of NWPB’s 2020 partnership with StoryCorps. Learn more about the national StoryCorps initiative here.

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