Collecting Stories Together, In A Year Spent Apart: A StoryCorps Northwest Special

Collage of portraits of StoryCorps Northwest Participants
Portraits of StoryCorps Northwest Participants. Many people shared their stories virtually for StoryCorps Northwest, which took place in summer 2020.


Storytelling is in our DNA. It’s how we process our experiences, learn from others and pass down important information.

In this hour-long special hear the following stories: Growing up next to a Japanese internment camp; becoming a doctor while pregnant; a family’s healing after two suicides; hiding in an attic in World War II Germany; dealing with traumatic brain injuries;  laying the foundation for the Americans with Disabilities Act; and creating inclusive college campuses.  

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Special thanks to Innovia Foundation and their Chief Executive Officer, Shelly O’Quinn, for helping to make StoryCorps Northwest and this special possible. 

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