Variations on a Theme: Winter is Coming

Love it or loathe it, Winter is upon us. 

From music of the original Vivaldi, played by Yo Yo Ma. At the end of the playlist, revisit Vivaldi’s Winter with an excerpt of his Winter piece to the reimagining of the Winter suite by Max Richter. This rendition is most famously utilized in the opening sequence of the Netflix show Chef’s Table

Speaking of screen music, it would be a sore omission if the Winterfell theme, and overall theme of Game of Thrones were missing from this playlist. You’ll find it performed by La Pieta at the end, as a finale to this hour spent in wintry wonderland.

In between the bookends of music from those television hits, hear delightful music from:

Randall Thompson’s Frostiana, music set to the poems by Robert Frost, with the particular “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” to give us pause and consider the feeling of Robert Frost’s poetry.

“It would seem that ‘Stopping by Woods’ exquisitely describes a person who has momentarily paused to delight in and behold in solitude the lulling loveliness of nature – the woods filling up with snow. This ability to stop, relax and appreciate a simple, beautiful natural setting is often lacking in people – especially those who are always in a hurry.” – Susan M. McArthur in this choral thesis (page 111).

Then there’s Rimsky-Korsakov and his suite from Snow Maiden.

Warming, cheering music from the world-renowned choral composer John Rutter. The whimsical fancies are from his collection of pieces “When Icicles Hang”. 

There is, of course, a flight of pieces from Fanny Hensel-Mendelssohn, collectively sometimes referred to as “Winter”. It is three pieces from her Das Jahr (the Year) piano pieces: December, January, February. They are icy and evocative of winter landscapes.  

Enjoy this beginning of the rush and hush of Winter. 

Our holiday lineup of shows: 
December 2nd: Winter is Coming

December 9th: Hanukkah Lights

December 16th: Tired of Beethoven yet? Nein!

December 23rd: Christmas

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