You’re listening and suddenly, there’s several minutes of silence. How frustrating! Then, there’s double audio. What’s going on? Let’s answer those questions about NWPB and learn why things are different right now, temporarily. Please, know that we are not satisfied with the quality of our broadcasts and are working every day to resolve these issues.   On Read More
The COVID-19 pandemic has everyone looking for ways to entertain and calm themselves at home and find joy in the stay-home-stay-safe pattern of life. Gardening provides entertainment, relaxation, and satisfaction every day. It’s prime gardening time right now, so use this article as your motivation to get gardening - it’s not too late to start! Read More
Twice a year, satellite and radio communications are vulnerable due to sun interference. This Spring, these interruptions are possible from February 28th to March 4th at about 10:40 AM. You may notice NWPB’s signal sounding fuzzy or glitchy, or it may go silent altogether. These solar outages, as they are called, can last as long… Read More
Potatoes were once considered aphrodisiacs. Photo Credit: Hannah Whisenant When you think of aphrodisiacs, what images come to mind? An oyster on the half shell? A glass of wine? A chocolate-dipped strawberry? Let’s release the performance pressure valve right now: there really is no magical food ingredient for a romantic dinner. So don’t feel the… Read More
Photo Credit: Hannah Whisenant. Only a very small piece of the NWPB system for audio delivery. If you were listening the first week of August, you may have heard the audio dropouts that were plaguing Northwest Public Broadcasting. Here is a recap of what happened. At the bottom of this recap is a list of… Read More
The Retro Cocktail Hour may be moving from Northwest Public Broadcasting’s NPR and Classical Music service, but it already has a well-established second home on the NWPB Jazz station, KJEM 89.9FM. For fans of the funky, vintage-futuristic show who live outside of KJEMs terrestrial signal, catch it on our NWPB App through a smartphone, or… Read More
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