Mall Walker

Mall Walker

Patsy Hull has walked 15,000 miles, the distance from Seattle to New York 2.5 times. Hull joined Healthy Ages, a senior mall walking program, to combat health issues. Hull has hopes of reaching 20,000 miles.

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Imagine walking the distance from Seattle to New York twice. That’s what 90-year-old Patsy Hull has done. Patsy has 15,000 miles clocked in by doing 2 miles a day, six days a week since 1993.

The doctor told me that I now have severe osteoporosis, and he said, you need to walk. And I said, well, I walk all the time. And he said, well, you could walk at the mall. And I said, you mean at the Columbia Center Mall? And he said, yes. And there’s a program for it, and I did not know anything about the Healthy Ages.

Hi. Patsy’s accomplishments are something we could all strive to be like Patsy. She is a woman who is determined to not let anything set her back. She just continues to move forward whether she has a good day or bad day. She makes it her priority to get out here and to walk. And I’ll tell you what, everyone who sees her gets a smile from her. She’s an encouragement. I would love to be like Patsy when I get to be her age, I really would.

So how many more miles does Patsy want to walk?

I don’t know that I’ll make it to 20,000 miles. My son thinks I will. It just depends how long this body will hold up, but I’ll keep walking as long as I can. It was never for a record, it was for my health.

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