Curt Bovee


Curt Bovee

Curt was a medic who helped treat some of the first POWs released back to the U.S. 

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I decided to enlist because at the time I thought it was the right thing to do. I’m kinda patriotic. I’ve seen some of the protesters and how they treated some of the people. And I’m not against protesting, but I’m also waving the military.

I personally couldn’t see any difference between Nazis and communists. In World War II everybody was gung-ho and then the changing attitude I think was more in line with the younger kids I think, in some of their opinions, but I didn’t share those.

I’ve had uncles that were in World War II, I had one of those at Pearl Harbor, they talked about it, they weren’t ashamed. Ashamed’s not the right word. They weren’t bothered by the fact that they had to serve, and the people during Vietnam War, they were just, they got heckled, protested at, spit at, stuff you know, garbage thrown at them when they came home, and it was hard for them, after that, to relate. I think I was better equipped to relate to some people, when I come out.

When you’re stuck in a small town like this, you just didn’t see a lot of country, and a lot of different people. That’s bringing back a lot of memories. Remembering stuff that happened back then, trying to go through it, stuff I haven’t thought of in years, that came back from overseas. It was hard, and it made me sick to see some of them. I just, it was hard to deal with sometimes.

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