Otter Creates Commission to Study Nuclear Energy Issues


Idaho Governor Butch Otter has created a nuclear energy commission to look at the future role of the Idaho National Laboratory.

A federal task force on America’s nuclear future issued its final report last month, and now, Idaho Governor Butch Otter has created a study commission to build on that study and focus more attention on the long-term viability and relevance of the Idaho National Laboratory.

Otter: “I want, and will have, the Line Commission lined up, to take that blue ribbon commission, interpret that as for how Idaho can best satisfy some of their questions, or some of their future needs.”

The commission will be chaired by Idaho Department of Commerce Director Jeff Sayer.

Sayer: “So I think the commission’s role will essentially be to literally evaluate all the research that’s being done, the history, where we’re at nationally, and literally lay out a strategy where we can go to make sure we harness that asset for Idaho.”

The primary focus of the study commission will be to provide recommendations to Governor Otter on how the INL can continue playing an important role in economic growth and energy security.

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