Private electric utilities in the Pacific Northwest are planning tens of millions of dollars in upgrades to reduce the risk that their power lines could spark wildfires during extreme weather. Utilities such as Pacific Power, Avista, Idaho Power, Portland General Electric and Puget Sound Energy are either required to or are voluntarily submitting wildfire mitigation plans. Read More
More Murrow News Stories PULLMAN, WASH – Energy bills for the month of January increased. Wildlife ecology major Mackenzie Perry said her electric bill was up nearly $40 from the usual cost. She shares an apartment with three roommates, which uses baseboard heating. Carlos Limon, Avista Utilities energy efficiency engineer, said during the winter months,… Read More
The focus on windmills ignores the evident fact that — as Abbott acknowledged on local TV — every kind of power generation fell short in this storm. In fact, significantly more natural gas and coal went offline than renewables. But that doesn't suggest fossil fuels were uniquely to blame either — they were responsible for more production, so it's no surprise they were the Read More
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