The Hispanic World’s Contributions To Classical Music

Frank Dominguez is your guide to music from Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and the Latin world Concierto, WDAV Classical Public Radio

Gigi Yellen and Concierto host Frank Dominguez discuss what goes into the bilingual show – hear it on your NPR and Classical Music Service.

Frank Dominguez has been part of classical music on public radio for more than 20 years – experience he mixes with his Hispanic heritage to produce and host Concierto, the nation’s first bilingual classical show which you now hear Sunday afternoons from 2 to 4 on your NPR and Classical Music Service.

Every week, Concierto takes a look at the deep roots Hispanic culture has in the classical genre and includes a roster of composers and musicians from all over the world.

In a recent interview with NWPR’s Gigi Yellen (herself a fluent Spanish speaker), Dominguez recounted the creation of Concierto. He described the challenges of producing a bilingual show, and how above all, Concierto is a guide to discovery.