William Shakespeare - author of deeply romantic prose, particularly memorable and witty dialogue, 27 plays and 375 poems. He also stood as inspiration for many an opera, overture and incidental music. There’s a lot to love about ‘The Bard,’ and NWPB rose to the task of picking some favorites in honor of his birthday - April 23. Read More
Austin Schlichting, a Bellingham native, moved to Olympia as a composer and music teacher. CREDIT: MATT MILTON Listen The Olympia Symphony celebrates 65 years in 2018. To mark this special occasion, they commissioned the grandson of one of their first music directors, Austin Schlichting, to write a piece. Austin Schlichting is a composer and music… Read More
Is Vivaldi a composer or a potato? We put our staff to the test to see how well they do with this quiz from Classic FM.</p> <p> Related Stories: FILM REVIEW: A Dancer Transformed Into A ‘Red Sparrow’ With the awkward state of Russian-American relations back in the headlines, “Red Sparrow” as the latest starring… Read More
Thanksgiving is on the way – a day of gratitude, family, music, food and reflection. Spend your Thanksgiving with Northwest Public Radio for a day of holiday specials full of stories, cooking tips and classical music. Giving Thanks: Host John Birge joins you for stories of gratitude, family, and food with a variety of special guests,… Read More
Big personalities are no stranger to classical music – the people behind the compositions are remembered through letters, reviews and their own journals. NWPR has taken these colorful characters and matched them with a drink for the summertime. While you stay cool and have a refreshing summer, see if you can taste the music in… Read More
  Hear Walla Walla Chamber Music Festival Artistic Director Timothy Christie perform Mendelssohn’s String Quartet in A minor, Op. 13 on January 16 as part of the Winter Festival. Walla Walla Chamber Music Festival Chamber music festivals fill the northwest throughout the year – intimate performances in cozy venues creating a unique connection between the… Read More
  The Musikverein is home to the Vienna Philharmonic – spend New Year’s Day with this world famous orchestra and NWPR on their yearly radio special. Clemens Pfeiffer / Wikimedia Commons Traditional carols, heartwarming and hilarious stories, and new ways to think about the holidays! Here’s the list of special programs coming your way throughout… Read More
You read about music for mom earlier this year – now it’s time to celebrate dad in the classical music world. Throughout music history, famous fathers have come in all forms – composers, conductors, musicians and, of course, superfans. This Father’s Day, Northwest Public Radio celebrates with a look at all varieties of fathers. Children’s… Read More
Every day is a day to be thankful for the moms of the world, but the second Sunday of every May is set aside as a nice reminder to show that appreciation and gratitude. This year, celebrate Mother’s Day with the Classical Music world. Antonín Dvořák, Johannes Brahms and Richard Wagner all felt the need to share… Read More
  Credit Stuart Monk /iStockphoto.com Let Northwest Public Radio be part of your Thanksgiving celebration with these special programs this Thursday: Lynne Rossetto-Kasper and a wonderful lineup of special guests take listener calls and provide some dinner-saving cooking tips on the live call-in show The Splendid Table’s Turkey Confidential, which you can Read More
  A performance at the 2013 Icicle Creek Chamber Music Festivals Credit NWPR Symphony season is coming to a close and summertime is on its way!  That means it’s time for the many fantastic summer classical music festivals here in the Northwest, where regional, national and international stars perform in some spectacular venues, both indoors… Read More
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