Composer Or Potato?

Is Vivaldi a composer or a potato? We put our staff to the test to see how well they do with this quiz from Classic FM.

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Full Transcript


Music stud? Or starchy spud?


Okay, so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna have you take this quiz. You’re going to be presented with a word and then it’s going to ask you whether or not that word is a potato or a composer.


– I am terrified and the reason I am terrified is because I did spend most of my growing-up time in Idaho and so I feel like I should know more about potatoes and now I think the whole state will be ashamed.

– I feel like I’m not gonna do very well. I didn’t know there was that many variety of potato.

– I am feeling like I am going to dominate it because I come from the largest potato-producing region of the country: central Washington.

– Parel.

– Parel?

– Is a … Doesn’t that sound like Pharrell Williams, who is not a composer so I’m going to say that’s a potato. That’s correct.

– A rouse? Rouse? Oh, composer.

– I’m pretty sure that’s a potato, although the odds are good that it should be a composer, but I’m gonna go with potato. Two in a row! Sorry, audio people. I’m sure that hurt your ears.

– Uh, door and then an e with a little thingy above it. I don’t know what that’s called.

– Dore? Like in do-re-mi?

– Dore. D-O-R-E with a thing. Dore. Dore is absolutely a potato. A multi-purpose potato.

– Vivaldi. A potato or composer? An Italian potato, perhaps?

– Vivaldi is, of course, a composer. Thank you very much.

– Potato?

– A Vivaldi? Okay, I know there are onions that have that name. I think. Or a similar name but it’s definitely a composer. You are kidding me!

– What? It’s a composer and a potato?

– Yay! No! There’s a Vivaldi potato, too? Vivaldi? It must be wrong. Vivaldi must be spelled differently. Oh, this is pathetic.

– No! So, it’s not wrong. I chose one of them. That is not wrong. They’re saying I’m wrong for saying it’s a composer. That is incorrect because if it’s a composer and a potato, it is also a composer. Do you know how logic works here? Okay, thank you. So, I was correct.

– [Interviewer] We can give you .5 points.

– .5? Thank you. Thank you.

– Kinny? Kennebec, Kennebec. Kennebec. That’s about as American as I can say that. Composer.

– I’m gonna say potato. Yes! And the reason is because I got my Burpee’s magazine for seeds and I noticed that potato.

– Faure? Farrah? Faure. F-A-U-R-E, with a thing. A dash? An accent. Faure. Okay so the last one that had a dash was a potato, so if you’re trying to trick me into thinking that this is like that, and also a potato, but then you want me to think, no it’s not that, so I’m going to choose a composer instead because I don’t want to be tricked into that. I’m therefore going to reverse your logic and do a double-reverse logic and check potato. Dammit! Retract that. I want that edited out right now because that is not reflective of what I truly meant to say.

– Duke of York. Is that a potato or a composer? Well, that sounds like a very noble potato.

– That sounds like a good name for a potato that was named in honor of the Duke of York, so I’m gonna go with potato, baby. Yay!

– Duke Ellington is … Not a classical composer. I’m gonna say potato.

– Duke Ellington. Potato or composer? I know he’s a composer. Could we have a rather jazzy potato here? I don’t know. Well, let’s just go with what I know. Composer. Correct!

– You are? Oh, I got that wrong.

– Remarka is a … Remarka? It is remarkable that I am still sitting in this chair doing this quiz.

– It could be a composer but it could be a cultivar of potato. Remarka? I’m going with potato on this one, just because that’s kind of what I’m thinking. Oh, yay! Sorry, I can’t help the squealing thing.

– Eight out of 12. Not too bad.

– My score was six out of 12.

– Okay, my score is seven of 12. Not very good. “Not too bad. “You have some prior knowledge of composers and potatoes.” And you know why? Because I listen to Northwest Public Broadcasting classical music and because I watch America’s Test Kitchen on Northwest Public Broadcasting Public TV. That’s how come I have a teeny bit of knowledge about potatoes and composers.

– Oh, I got a seven out of 12. Wait, is that 60%?

– Okay, I scored five out of 12. I think I know two actual potatoes. The rest was just a 50-50 guess for me.

– I got more that 50. 55%?

– [Producer] 58%.

– 58%! So, is that a D-minus?

– [Producer] No, that’s an F.

– That’s an F? Don’t tell my mom.