The shelves in Umesh Soni's little store in downtown Mumbai are neatly stacked with soaps. There are handmade translucent bars, brightly colored circular soaps in tropical variants and square black bathing bars. It looks like any other soap shop. Except all the soaps include cow dung and cow urine as ingredients. Why make soap from this stuff? Read More
  Hear Walla Walla Chamber Music Festival Artistic Director Timothy Christie perform Mendelssohn’s String Quartet in A minor, Op. 13 on January 16 as part of the Winter Festival. Walla Walla Chamber Music Festival Chamber music festivals fill the northwest throughout the year – intimate performances in cozy venues creating a unique connection between the… Read More
  Antonin Dvorak’s 8th Symphony (1890) is one of several significant works which premiered on February 2. WIKIMEDIA COMMONS Music history refreshes itself every time you enjoy a favorite piece, or discover a new one, here on Northwest Public Radio.  Sometimes there’s an especially noteworthy day in music history, like February 2. This was the… Read More
  The Arlington National Cemetery showing the tradition of honoring grave stones of veterans with the American flag on Memorial Day. CREDIT WIKIMEDIA COMMONS Music for Memorial Day serves two very different purposes: 1. honoring the nation’s fallen soldiers, and 2. acknowledging the holiday’s popular expression as the official start of summer. Below, you’ll see Read More
  Asad Ali, 63, was unemployed for four years when Pakistan clamped down on live music in 1977. He now plays the guitar for Sachal Studios Orchestra around the globe and in his hometown, Lahore. CREDIT MOBEEN ANSARI / HTTP://WWW.NPR.ORG/ Imagine your life if attending a concert were against the law. Now imagine trying to… Read More
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