News Roundup – Reviewing The ‘Shot Out Of A Cannon’ Washington Legislative Session


Shortly after the final gavels fell late at night Thursday, March 8, on Washington’s 2018 legislative session, Gov. Jay Inslee stepped before a smattering of reporters and cameras gathered in his conference room and touted “a long list of accomplishments” over the 60-day session.

It was a relatively short session for this election year, with legislators getting in the mood for campaign season. But it was still productive for both parties. Very productive.

The Democratic majority in both houses and the governorship led to a lot of big bills passing. But others, like a carbon tax or certain gun control measures, didn’t.

And for the first time since 2014, there won’t be an overtime session needed to address lingering issues (like un-passed budgets).

Correspondent Austin Jenkins joined NWPB news manager Scott Leadingham to talk about what did and didn’t happen in Olympia this year, including a review of how the legislature addressed sexual harassment inside its own halls.

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