All Together Now Musical Review

Thousands of theaters world-wide will perform the same musical revue this weekend. “All Together Now” will be performed at 2,500 theaters including some in Prosser and Richland.

Thirteen- year- old Afton Mahoney describes the performance theaters are showcasing this weekend. 

Afton: “All Together Now is a bunch of songs that Musical Theater International has put together royalty free…which means all proceeds from All Together Now go directly to the theater.”

The Academy of Children’s Theater chose songs to perform and one of them is important to highlight the global community. Afton explains:

Afton:  “Like one song we chose is “We are all in this together”…it is kind of like representing we are all in this together… with in-person theater…especially musicals.”

The revue will be staged all weekend long in Richland and also in Prosser at the Princess Theater. 

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