A Widespread Glass Shortage Has Hit The Northwest Wine Industry

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Host Lead: A widespread glass shortage has hit the Northwest wine industry. [GASP!]

Correspondent Anna King explains.

Some wineries might not be able to bottle your favorite merlot or riesling this year. That’s because a glass shortage has made getting bottles difficult or nearly impossible. Officials at some larger wineries, like Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, say they’re finding glass – because they order early and in vast quantities. But many smaller wineries are having trouble securing enough bottles – or the right style and shape for their usual offerings. Vicky Scharlau, is the executive director of the Washington Winegrowers Association.

Vicky Scharlau: “If you haven’t ordered glass for your 2022 bottling needs, you’re probably out of luck.” 

Many of the bottles are made in China or Mexico. Along with tariffs, shipping delays and trucking problems are also delaying wine bottles.

I’m Anna King. 

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