Glass, Corks, Capsules, Wine Supplies Are Hard To Get

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There’s a glass shortage putting Northwest wineries over a barrel right now in bottling season. Many winemakers may have to make do with another style of bottle, color of glass or shape than they’re used to. But switching out a bottle isn’t so easy. Marty Clubb from L’Ecole winery near Walla Walla says consumers may not see shortages right away.

Marty Clubb: “The good thing is wineries age their wine, and so the wines we are selling today were bottled in ‘20 or ‘21. Although the white wines we were bottling this year, you know the white wines tend move to market pretty quick. So, if you like red wine you’re in good shape.”

He adds: once you change the bottle – a lot more has to change too. Think: tin caps, screw caps and corks – even the case boxes.
Also in short supply? Oak barrels for new wine.

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