Ukrainians Detained At Northwest Detention Center In Tacoma May Be Facing Deportation


This story was updated Feb. 8

This Wednesday, four Ukrainian nationals contacted La Resistencia to alert the grassroots immigrant advocacy group of their upcoming deportations from the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma.

Maru Mora-Villapando spoke with the individuals yesterday about their concerns, the first being the possibility of being infected with COVID.

“They’re really, really afraid right now. Because one, they say, ‘Well, what if on the way that I get COVID? Or what if I have COVID by now and I don’t know,” Mora-Villapando says.

Mora-Villapando says one of the individuals is currently in quarantine because of a COVID exposure.

The individuals also expressed concern over being sent to Ukraine, as tensions rise there daily. One individual said in a message to Mora-Villapando that they are hoping to be released on humanitarian parole due to the situation in Ukraine.

“And then second, the situation in Ukraine is scary, the US pulled people out from their embassy and everything and they’re gonna send us out to to the middle of a possible war,” Mora-Villapando says.

ICE officials were unable to make a comment by this story’s deadline.

Update Feb. 8

An ICE spokesperson confirmed that three individuals from Ukraine have received orders of removal. The spokesperson went on to say they will remain in ICE custody due to the nature of each of their convictions, for an unspecified amount of time, while the removal orders process.

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