Farmworkers gather for annual march, call for better working conditions

Farmworkers march 2024.
Marcha Campesina 2024. (Credit: C2C Facebook)


Farmworkers gathered in April for the Annual Farmworkers March. They walked in support of flower farm workers, calling for better working conditions in the fields.

Farmworkers gathered in Edgewater Park and walked more than seven miles through the streets of Mount Vernon.

Homero Jose Garrido is a farmworker leader. He said without workers there would be no product, and without products there is no money for anyone involved.  

“They must understand that the worker is essential for the industry of the whole region,” Garrido said during an event at the end of the March.

Farmworkers called for equitable wages, respecting seniority and no union busting.

Faviola Lopez is part of the UFCW 3000, a multisector union supporting the march. 

“By standing together we are able to fight over the fear that there’s an employer that is trying to break the union investment. Only by reading together we could continue to express our voices,” Lopez said.  

Demonstrators also defended the overtime law, denounced the negative impact of pesticides and said legislators should support measures to ensure farmworkers health and wellbeing.