Hispanic Heritage Month

Art, music and dance show the cultural diversity of the Hispanic and Latino/e/x communities in Washington.

Mapping Hispanic and Latino/e/x cultures in Washington

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, NWPB wants to take you on a journey through the diversity of Hispanic and Latino/e/x communities in the region.

There are more than a million Hispanics or Latinos living in Washington. Mexican heritage is very common, but those of many other backgrounds are making their way into the Northwest. 

“That is the beauty of Latinos in the state of Washington and Latinos in the U.S.  that we’re so diverse,” said Christina Torres.

She is the Director of El Centro Latinx, the Latino & Latin American Studies Program at Central Washington University. 

“We see more and more individuals coming from Colombia, from Guatemala, from Honduras. We see individuals coming from South America, who are contributing to this country in different ways,” said Torres.

Mariachi Culture in Central Washington

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