What Does Peace Mean to You? – With Peace Campaigner Kwabi Amoah-Forson

Peace campaigner and humanitarian, Kwabi Amoah-Forson, journeyed across America asking people what “peace” means to them. From Tacoma, Washington to Washington, D.C. Kwabi traveled in a baby blue Mitsubishi van known as The Peace Bus delivering humanitarian aid and learning how to best advocate for long-term change. In this episode of Traverse Talks with Sueann Ramella, Kwabi explains that in order to create peace, “we must create opportunity for everyone.” To illustrate this concept, Kwabi describes a concept he calls “Band-Aid safety” explaining that the only real way to create intrinsic safety is to ensure that everyone has their basic needs met. Also hear Sueann and Kwabi discuss the complexities of living as a second generation immigrant in America, destigmatizing accepting help and why Kwabi still has faith in humanity.