In this episode of Traverse Talks with Sueann Ramella, Will O’Neal and Renee Love, leaders within the organization Backyard Harvest, share how the group serves its community and how both they and many of their volunteers got a close-up view of food insecurity within local households. They talk about everything from the importance of knowing… Read More
In this episode of Traverse Talks with Sueann Ramella, author Ryka Aoki shares how growing up in the U.S., she has a hard time seeing what happens on a societal level, but still wants it to be better, as well as her personal experiences as a transgender woman. Sueann and Ryka talk about her experiences… Read More
In part one of this episode of "Traverse Talks with Sueann Ramella," comedy writer Ted Tremper talks about growing up in the Northwest as the overweight-funny kid. He says his mom's untimely death while he was in college shaped much of his outlook on life and his career. Tremper has written for "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah,"" I Love You, America" with Sarah Silverman, Read More
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