Why don’t you see more people of color in the mainstream talking about mental health? American, LatinX, feminist mental health activist, Dior Vargas talks about breaking the stigma of mental illness for people of color.Read More
Jericho Brown. His poetry can take your breath away. His book, The Tradition, won the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for poetry. Find out about his writing journey, how he got his name and why he loves librarians in this episode of Traverse Talks with Sueann Ramella.Read More
What is your family’s immigration story?  Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington, Carlos Gil, talks about digging into his family’s past and writing about their struggle to pursue the American dream.Read More
Author and speaker Dawn Shaw says that accepting your appearance and realizing your value is how to be resilient. She shares some steps on how to do that in this episode.  Read More
How can you acknowledge racist thoughts and heal them? Jordan Chaney is a black, indigenous person of color, a lecturer, poet and an artist in Pasco, Washington. He talks about setting and respecting boundaries when it comes to talking about race.Read More
Is the United States in a juvenile stage of development? Where did American Exceptionalism come from? Dr. Lawrence Pintak also talks about understanding the Muslim and Arab world. Dr. Pintak is a former CBS News Middle East correspondent and author of several books on politics and the Middle East.  Read More
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