VIETNAM WAR Curt Bovee Curt was a medic who helped treat some of the first POWs released back to the U.S. Full Transcript I decided to enlist because at the time I thought it was the right thing to do. I’m kinda patriotic. I’ve seen some of the protesters and how they treated some of… Read More
VIETNAM WAR George Stockton George discusses how his team stayed hidden during a large force Vietnamese attack. Full Transcript And I can remember our team sergeant looked around and he says, “Gentlemen, they told us that Vietnam “was gonna be dangerous,” he said. “But I sure thought we’d last longer than a week.” I joined… Read More
VIETNAM WAR Tom Cushing Tom Cushing fixed radios for aircraft’s on Bien Hoa Air Base. Cushing wasn’t allowed to leave base so he spent much of his deployment working, playing the guitar and recording rocket attacks. Full Transcript [Tom] We used to record rocket attacks, so you’d hear: I was in the Air Force, I spent… Read More
VIETNAM WAR Hank Cramer Harry G. Cramer, Hank Cramer’s father, was the first soldier to die in the Vietnam War. Cramer discusses how losing his father in the war helped him shape his own military career. Full Transcript One day it occurred to me that my father was a better father in death than many fathers… Read More
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