Inland Folk with Dan Maher

Inland Folk with Dan Maher

Listen: Saturdays from 9am – 12pm, on the NPR & Classical music stations of NWPB

Dan Maher fell in love with folk music as a teenager growing up in Spokane. A celebrated musician, he began his career in music during his college years at Washington State University, performing covers of the Eagles and Neil Young in venues around the area. His love for folk led to his involvement with public radio as the host of what has come to be Inland Folk. He produces, edits and engineers the show. Dan is also host of Jam with Dan, a TV show on Northwest Public Broadcasting. You can watch this program in various formats.

Having collected folk music for over three decades, Dan eagerly transitioned to the digital age. He likes the change to digital because it makes it easier to share music, but admits that all those years of hauling music from home for the show has played its part in convincing him. A student who recently helped him move about five thousand vinyls said, “Nothing musical has a right to be this heavy anymore.”

Dan also works full-time for the office of Student Involvement and Leadership Development at WSU, coordinating student and organizational development programs, and is an advisor on multiple committees for ASWSU. In his free time he is an avid baseball fan and used to love listening to Vin Scully’s broadcasts of Dodgers games. Over the years Dan has generously volunteered his time during fund drives as well as offering free concerts in return for public support for both Spokane Public Radio and Northwest Public Broadcasting.

Past Inland Folk Episodes