How We Ended Up Here Podcast

How We Ended Up Here.

As we continue with this year’s election cycle we want to be able to make sense of it all. NWPB’s newest podcast will aim to do just that. Looking at issues and candidates that appear on upcoming ballots, we’ll go beyond the headline and discover exactly why it’s making news in our community. Not only will be provide information but we’ll do so by providing context to issues and candidates.


EPISODE 4 – Voter Turnout Higher?
As the final few ballots are counted following this month’s primary, it has become clear that this election was of major interest to voters in Washington.


Washington state’s all-vote-by-mail presidential primary looks a lot like a regular election. But, really, it’s not. 

EPISODE 2 – WHO SHOULD PICK A PARTY’S NOMINEE?Washington state’s all-vote-by-mail presidential primary looks a lot like a regular election. But, really, it’s not. 

The funding of public education in Washington state is not perfect nor is it a science. Bonds and levees help districts fund yearly budgets; but what are they and how do they work?

A look at what NWPB aims at this election season. This podcast will be your resource for complicated issues and candidates that appear on the ballot.

The Team

Scott Leadingham, Producer/Host

I grew up in the Grand Coulee Dam area (Go Raiders!), backpacking in the North Cascades and Okanogan Highlands as a Boy Scout. And, yes, I drive a Subaru.

Greg Mills, Producer/Host

Growing up here for 40 plus years I think I’ve seen my fair share of things in this part of the country, my family farms in St. John, Washington, my wife teaches in Spokane, and I work for public broadcasting in Pullman.

Kanale Rhoden, Producer/Host

Not growing up in the Northwest, it’s sometimes hard to understand where people are coming from when they say, “it’s always been like this.”

Having grown up in Hawaii, it’s tough to know where the Inland Northwest has been and why “things are done this way…”.

Matt Loveless, Producer/Host

Matt Loveless is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Communication at the Murrow College. A graduate of Murrow, Matt returns with 15 years of experience working in local television, as a news reporter, anchor, and sports director.

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