Update On Washington Children Vaccination Rates

By Dori Luzzo Gilmour

Sixty thousand Washington kids ages five to eleven got their first COVID-19 shot as of November 15th according to the Washington State Department of Health. Nationwide about ten percent of kids age five to eleven were vaccinated as soon as approval went through for the Pfizer vaccine.

Dr. Person, Benton Franklin County Health Officer says: “The ones that were waiting for their kids to get vaccinated…the moment those approvals went through they went and did that….so that’s great news because the more we expand who’s eligible to get vaccinated and the more those that are eligible take advantage of that…we just increase the level of protection in our community.”

She urges families to test these kids before Thanksgiving:

Dr. Person: “With one shot they actually have some protection…they are going to be a little lower risk…if you are going to visit someone who would be more likely to get seriously ill…so someone elderly or who has an underlying health problems…I think that is the kind thing to do.”

Across the state, school districts have partnered with health clinics to offer vaccine clinics for school age kids. Districts in Richland, Yakima, Issaquah, and Kennewick are hosting clinics with pre-registration through their web-sites. Many health departments are hosting school site clinics, including Spokane.

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