Courtesy of Community In Schools Listen (Runtime 3:20) Read A controversial tax in Benton County has raised more money than expected. Now commissioners are hearing proposals from community organizations requesting funds from the Public Safety Tax. Lupes Mares runs the non-profit organization Community in Schools, and came before the commissioners this month to request Read More
Starting June 1 people 18 and under can ride free. Listen (Runtime :47) Read Ben Franklin Transit–BFT– around Benton and Franklin counties, will offer free rides for all people eighteen and under starting June 1st.  This is a shift from a month ago when the BFT Board was considering cuts to the service. The change… Read More
The chemical’s especially dangerous for babies and small children because it can have lasting neurological effects. Chlorpyrifos can blow from orchards into nearby houses; parents who work in orchards can transport the chemical home on their clothes and in their cars; and chlorpyrifos can make its way into developing fetuses through umbilical cord blood. Read More
Ask Dr. Universe Public Broadcasting and Washington State University Communications teamed up to bring Dr. Universe to life, well at least to an animated series. Do you have a baffling science question of your own? You can send it to Dr. Universe here. Learn More Read More
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