Studies of COVID in wastewater can help predict outbreaks Listen Rachel Sun reports on how scientists at the University of Idaho are tracking COVID through wastewater / Runtime – 1:46 Read Wastewater testing at the University of Idaho is helping to pave the way for a new method of tracking and predicting spikes in COVID-19… Read More
More Murrow News Stories PULLMAN, WASH – As 2022 progresses, some people are calling for stringent COVID-19 mitigation efforts like mask-wearing to lessen. “If we’re gonna get it, there’s already different ways we’re gonna get it other than wearing masks,” WSU student Dani Reeves said. Lessening these restrictions means society is shifting from a pandemic to… Read More
More Murrow News Stories PULLMAN, Wash. – Courtney Crabtree is enjoying her senior year and final semester at Washington State University, finally in person after nearly two years. But she’s worried that might change. Washington State University remains committed to in-person learning despite a dramatic increase in Covid cases on campus, according to a WSU… Read More
It's a growing problem in Washington: kids with developmental disabilities and complex behaviors who are stuck in the hospital with no reason for being there. Usually, they end up in the hospital after a crisis or an incident. But once the child is medically cleared to leave, their parents or their group home won't come get them citing inadequate supports to manage the Read More
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