Pullman- Every once in awhile there are people who impact the lives of everyone they interact with. David Lang was one of those people. He was the director of strength and conditioning at WSU a position he had held since 2008, though he had been with the university since 1998. Lang had seen 20 years… Read More
https://youtu.be/EIzkMaMkcFo   Pullman- Fans began to gather at Village Center Cinemas several hours prior to the first showing of Avengers endgame on Thursday of last week. Endgame is the culmination of over 20 movies in produced by marvel over the last decade. The highly anticipated event had the attention of not only Pullman, but fans… Read More
https://youtu.be/wpqlFJg0IZ8 Pullman-Molly Nakao is a Junior at WSU who is getting to pursue her passion for sports videography while still in school. Molly volunteers her time making videos for the cougar women’s basketball team. Molly has been interested in video since she took her high school video production class. Since then she has secured internships… Read More
More Murrow News Stories PULLMAN – Earlier this month flash flooding on Grand avenue left businesses in tractor town square devastated. The owners of those business are left starting the difficult process of rebuilding. The flash floods were caused by a combination of above average water levels in the Missouri Flat creek that runs along… Read More
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