Northwest Public Broadcasting’s Gillian Coldsnow was fortunate to spend quality time with Robert Siegel on March 26 when he was in Pullman to accept the Edward R. Murrow Lifetime Achievement Award. Coldsnow interviewed Siegel about his fascinating journalism career, the preparation required to host a daily news program and his long view of history. Siegel… Read More
According to the nationally distributed documentary Elder Abuse & Exploitation, more than five million people are victims of elder abuse in the United States – an estimated one in 10 adults over age 60. Learn more this February, when Northwest Public Broadcasting’s television service airs Elder Abuse & Exploitation, paired with a local forum, Combating Elder Read More
After 30 years hosting All Things Considered, NPR’s Robert Siegel signed off January 5 to accolades from listeners and fellow staff members. His retirement plans include a trip to Pullman, WA where the tribute continues: he’ll receive The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication Lifetime Achievement Award. Siegel will receive the Murrow Lifetime Achievement Award… Read More
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