Syd and Barbara Bulman-Fleming give credit to the “wonderful reporting and enthusiastic, knowledgeable and sympathetic on-air hosts” for getting them through the pandemic, and NWPB’s mix of classical music and American politics—two of their passions in retired life—for getting them through the day. “[NWPB] is a huge part of our lives. We turn it on… Read More
For nearly 25 years, Sue has represented WSU’s public media to thousands of donor-members as a key part of the two-person Member Relations staff. Her role is key to everything Northwest Public Broadcasting does, and she performs functions that are essential, routine, and jam-packed with activity: daily check and credit card processing, member record updates.… Read More
As a resident of eastern Washington, there are two reasons why I feel personally responsible for making sure NWPR continues to provide quality radio programming to our communities: classical music and NPR news. The thought of losing these services is truly scary. As a devotee of classical music, I first discovered NWPR FM 89.1 as… Read More
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