Syd and Barbara Bulman-Fleming give credit to the “wonderful reporting and enthusiastic, knowledgeable and sympathetic on-air hosts” for getting them through the pandemic, and NWPB’s mix of classical music and American politics—two of their passions in retired life—for getting them through the day. “[NWPB] is a huge part of our lives. We turn it on… Read More
“We’ve lived North, East, and West, locked on to public radio for information, analysis, education  and entertainment.  We recently revised our estate plans after moving to NWPR listening area.  It was a no-brainer to include them  for a significant portion of our estate in our will.  It feels good to do that.” Chuck and Nancy… Read More
For nearly 25 years, Sue has represented WSU’s public media to thousands of donor-members as a key part of the two-person Member Relations staff. Her role is key to everything Northwest Public Broadcasting does, and she performs functions that are essential, routine, and jam-packed with activity: daily check and credit card processing, member record updates.… Read More
When leaders of Humanities Washington visited Northwest Public Broadcasting this summer, members of the Board of Trustees and staff took a turn behind the microphone to talk about their experiences with public radio. Trustee Colleen Rozillis, a senior manager at Moss Adams in Seattle, discovered public radio as a teenager and now supports it because… Read More
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