Bill Morelock Bill Morelock as a KWSU Classical Music Host Former On -Air Personality  Starting as an English major at WSU, Bill Morelock slowly but surely made his way to KWSU-TV and then by 1985 he ended up in the realm of radio. Alongside the Program Director Bob Christiansen, the two created a classical music… Read More
  Beethovenian? Digging into information for the tidbits you hear next to the classical music on NWPR, we run across some interesting phenomena. Like the use of a composer’s name as an adjective. What makes a piece Brahmsian? Or Beethovenian? Writers about music often take this shortcut to describe a sound. Steve Reeder discovered that… Read More
  Asad Ali, 63, was unemployed for four years when Pakistan clamped down on live music in 1977. He now plays the guitar for Sachal Studios Orchestra around the globe and in his hometown, Lahore. CREDIT MOBEEN ANSARI / HTTP://WWW.NPR.ORG/ Imagine your life if attending a concert were against the law. Now imagine trying to… Read More
  Composer Julia Wolfe has won the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for music for Anthracite Fields, an oratorio about coal miners and their families. CREDIT PETER SERLING / HTTP://WWW.NPR.ORG/ Northwest Public Radio’s classical music programming staff has lately been making sure to include women composers on our playlists. Here’s one you might not have heard Read More
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