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Summer's bounty starts with spring planting. CREDIT: S. Billings

Gardening During The Pandemic: It’s A Win-Win-Win

The COVID-19 pandemic has everyone looking for ways to entertain and calm themselves at home and find joy in the stay-home-stay-safe pattern of life. Gardening provides entertainment, relaxation, and satisfaction every day. It’s prime gardening time right now, so use this article as your motivation to get gardening – it’s not too late to start!

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Sunset at the Milton-Freewater Drive-IN brought the start of "Call of the Wild" as people stayed plenty socially distant in their surrounding cars. CREDIT: Courtney Flatt/NWPB

Reporter’s Notebook: A Drive-In Movie Gives A Much-Needed Reminder That Life Indeed Goes On

We felt a stroke of luck two weeks ago, when our local theater chain in Tri-Cities handed out bags of popcorn over the weekend. But that night, as we chowed down and watched one of the many movies we’ve streamed recently, we realized we really missed seeing movies with our friends. Little did we know, the Milton-Freewater Drive-IN would fulfill our wish. And that of about 200 others.

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