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This is the Sunnyside School District boundary map available on the Sunnyside School District website.

ACLU to challenge Sunnyside School District Board elections

The Sunnyside School District Board could be the next jurisdiction to face a lawsuit for violating the Washington State Voting Rights Act. A group has notified the District that the election system dilutes the Latino vote, and if it’s not fixed, the District could end up in court.

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Farmworkers in the Skagit Valley tulip fields. (Credit: Brad Smith / Flickr)

New funding to build farmworker housing in the Pacific Northwest, nationwide

The United States Department of Agriculture is soliciting applications for funding to build farmworker housing nationwide.
In the Pacific Northwest, leaders hope the money can address gaps in farmworker housing. The Pacific Northwest is in a housing crisis and that impacts rural small businesses and agricultural producers, as well as farmworkers, said Helen Price Johnson, who is the Washington State Rural Development director for the USDA.

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At the Pierce County Elections Center, staff confirm ballots have the correct information to be counted accurately. (Credit: Pierce County Auditor's Office)

Looking ahead to the election, answering your questions

The skepticism in how elections work and their accuracy has become a hot topic on social media, at the dinner table and in the news.
Kyle Haugh, Pierce County elections manager, said since 2016, there’s been a spike in interest in how elections are administered.

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