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At the Port Angeles Senior and Community Center, a group of community members meets up every Thursday morning to talk politics. On March 14, the Thursday following Washington state's presidential primary elections, the place was filled with voices eager to discuss presidential politics. (Credit: Tela Moss / NWPB)

The last bellwether standing: Clallam County

If you were to drive the farthest west you can in Washington, you’d reach Clallam County. That’s on the tip of the Olympic Peninsula, nestled between the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Pacific Ocean. It’s a remote, wide county, where you can visit Olympic National Park and drive from sunny Sequim to rainy Forks. It’s a place known for its beauty and for its wilderness.
Now, it’s made a name for itself in national politics.
In 2020, Clallam County voters went blue and voted for Joe Biden. Not only did that break the mold of how they voted in 2016 when they went red for Donald Trump, but it made them the last bellwether county.

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