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An aerial view of the City of Lynnwood's wastewater treatment plant. (Credit: City of Lynnwood)

City of Lynnwood pays $550k fine to EPA for Clean Air Act violations

Processing sewage — it’s a dirty job for any city. One way governments choose to process that waste is through incineration. However, the process of burning that waste has to adhere to strict standards, including the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Act.
An aging incinerator the City of Lynnwood uses to process waste has become less efficient and beginning in 2020, fell out of compliance with those standards. Now, the city has paid a $550, 259 penalty to the EPA and will have to decommission the incinerator to comply with the standards.

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Agricultural overtime law still causing controversy

Farmworkers, farmers and advocates gathered at two events – all working to get lawmakers’ attention about the agriculture overtime law. An annual tribunal defended farmworkers’ rights and the overtime law. A separate rally focused on the negative impacts of it.

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A woman in an orange shirt speaks into a microphone at a Black Lives Matter rally.

Spokane’s Black newspaper relaunches

Sandy Williams first launched The Black Lens, Spokane’s Black newspaper, in 2015. Her family has been working to bring the paper back. (Credit: The Black Lens) Listen (Runtime 1:07) Read

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A photo from a game trail camera shows a pack of white, grey and black wolves walking across a snowy mountainside with evergreen trees behind them.

Nez Perce Tribe honors the wolf

In this Feb. 1, 2017, file image provided the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, a wolf pack is captured by a remote camera in Hells Canyon National Recreation Area

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Members of the WSU Coalition of Academic Student Employees rally in May 2022 on WSU's Pullman campus. (Credit: WSU-CASE/UAW)

WSU’S Coalition of Academic Student Employees ratifies its first contract

At academic institutions nationwide, student workers continue to organize, and this week, those at Washington State University got a big win.
The Coalition of Academic Student Employees has ratified its first union contract. With the agreement, student employees will get paid vacation for the first time, as well as earn six weeks of paid parental leave.

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Local doctor weighs in on weight-loss meds

The use of some drugs originally designated for Type Two Diabetes has grown in popularity for weight-loss. This creates a problem for diabetics who now have trouble getting their prescriptions filled. NWPB’s Rachel Sun has more.

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