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Nooksack River flooding, Nov. 2021. // Courtesy of Brandon Parsons, with aerial support by LightHawk

Financial relief still on hold for homeowners in Whatcom impacted by 2021 floods

Homeowners in Whatcom County have been waiting nearly two years for relief from flooding that devastated communities in northwest Washington and parts of Canada — and now, they have to wait even longer.
Federal funding was supposed to come this week for 12 homeowners whose houses were destroyed during the November 2021 flooding. However, it’s been delayed, again.

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Los incendios forestales pueden afectar su salud mental

Los incendios forestales son aterradores y pueden desbordar las emociones. Miedo, ansiedad e incluso depresión pueden sentirse antes, durante y después de estos desastres naturales, pero los especialistas dicen que aún existen recursos para enfrentar el trauma que pueden causar las emergencias medioambientales.

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Wildfires can impact your mental health

Wildfires can be frightening and result in overflowing emotions. Fear, anxiety and even depression can arise before, during and after these natural disasters, but specialists say there are still resources to cope with the trauma that environmental emergencies can cause.

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