Johnnie Duguay-Smith, the stewardship associate at Methow Conservancy, in front of the Conservancy’s office / Photo by Connor Henricksen Listen Connor Henricksen reports on how conservation efforts in one Washington town may be preserving more than the land and the environment / Runtime – 4:17   Read Conservation has a long history in the Northwest. Read More
For the first time, a wolf wearing a radio collar traveled south of Interstate-90 into Washington’s Southern Cascade Mountains. Photo Credit: Eric Kilby Flickr – Tinyurl.Com/Gngh5n7 Listen Read For the first time, a wolf wearing a radio collar has crossed south of Interstate-90 into Washington’s southern Cascade Mountains, biologists with the Department of Fish Read More
Conservation groups are vowing to again challenge the U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s decision not to add wolverines to the Endangered Species List. There are likely fewer than 300 wolverines across its habitat across the Mountain West, which includes populations in Washington, Idaho and Oregon, where 90 percent of their habitat is on federally managed lands and wilderness areas. Read More
After years of fear and uncertainty, bottom trawler fishermen — those who use nets to scoop up rockfish, bocaccio, sole, Pacific Ocean perch and other deep-dwelling fish — are making a comeback here, reinventing themselves as a sustainable industry less than two decades after authorities closed huge stretches of the Pacific Ocean because of the species’ depletion. Read More
The Natural Resource Management Act includes a little of everything — meant to satisfy public land interests all over the country. The land-conservation measures have received a lot of attention. But there are other provisions in the bill concerning the Northwest, among them wildfire risk, research and air quality resources, hunting on public lands, water management for Read More
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