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U.S. Senate votes to make Daylight Saving Time permanent. CREDIT: HENRIQUE SIMPLICIO / FLICKR/FLIC.KR/P/F1JXBL Listen Tom Banse reports on efforts to make Daylight Saving Time permanent / Runtime: 1 minute Read An abrupt awakening in Congress is raising hopes on the West Coast that last weekend’s switch from standard time to daylight time might be… Read More
Hundreds gathered Saturday at the Washington State Capitol to protest COVID mandates. Photo Credit: AP Listen Read Washington’s mask mandate will lift next Saturday. But that didn’t stop hundreds of people from rallying at the state Capitol Saturday in opposition to COVID-related restrictions. There was music, and a small convoy of honking big rigs. But… Read More
Maine's population of rare Atlantic puffins took a hit this year, as the number of chicks to survive a tough summer plummeted. The state's coastal bays and the Gulf of Maine is among the fastest-warming large water bodies on the planet, making the puffins' fate a test-case for how climate change could disrupt marine ecosystems worldwide. Read More
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