‘Dentistry For Good’ Tri-Cities dentist Bart Roach decided to set up a dental clinic in El Paredon after a brief visit to pass out toothbrushes. He saw how badly people needed his help. Story reported and narrated by Northwest Public Broadcasting’s Tri-Cities reporter, Courtney Flatt. Read the full article here. Full Transcript [Announcer] In the Read More
Washington state Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler says insurance premiums are going to rise by double digits in 2018. Listen People who buy individual health insurance in Washington state can expect another round of rate hikes next year. “I’d say double-digit [increases] are almost a certainty,” state Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler said in an interview Thursday Read More
A program at Pullman Regional Hospital is using the power of music to tap deep into the memories of dementia patients. Music & Memory is a national program that brings digital music to elderly patients to help improve their quality of life. “There was one woman that I worked with for over a year and she couldn’t communicate at… Read More
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